Cinemadamare 2021

Cinemadamare 2021 will took place if Covid allows it.
Cinemadamare 2021 will took place respecting national and international anti-covid regulations

Cinemadamare is the biggest gathering of young filmmakers in the world.


This is the itinerant longest campus that produce short films and promote education in digital cinema: each year it hosts for free (no partecipation fee, non entry fee) over 200 filmmakers from all over the world, who come to Italy to shoot films from June to September. It lasts three months (you can choose to stay less) and crosses 10 Italian Regions, along 10,000 km, stopping in the most beautiful locations in Italy each week.


  • Because you are going to do the most important experience of your life, not in cinematography, but as a person: without pay any admission fee or partecipation fee.
  • You are going to shoot no-stop, counting on the collaboration of other filmmakers from around the world
  • In Cinemadamare you can live 24/7 in a community of peolpe, made of same age collegues moved by passion for Cinema: they have only one goal, come to Italy to shoot all the films that they ever wanted to create
  • You will have everything on hand and everyone will be available to help you to build your projects
  • You can discover the beauty and the history of one of the most charming countries in the world: Italy: we will change city every week
  • You will work side by side with artists with a different culture: the best way to have an exchange of tecniques and cinema sensitivity
  • Shoting films, you will know in a deep way a small or a big city that, otherwise, could be only an image on a paper or an Google result…
  • You will understand how to manage time on set and the relations with your mates, to follow the production plans
  • In a short period you will learn how to improve your skills doing everything on a set
  • Learn by doing”: you will discover and use your own talent. Maybe you don’t even know that you have so many resourses, you will use the abilities that you don’t maximise.
  • Cinemadamare is not a summer vacation. You will work hard, and that is why you are going to be so happy at the end of every day.
  • You will go out of your comfort zone in every situation, you will grow as an artist and as a person.

You and all the filmmakers will be hosted for free for the entire length of the festival in schools, gyms, sports halls, campings used as dormitories (Cinemadamare gives to every contestant an inflatable mattress and a sleeping bag for free); they will shoot their film each week, organized in self-managed crews.

Moreover, filmmakers will be able to attend free of charge activities, such as workshops and masterclasses.

How Cinemadamare faces the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Nineteenth edition will start on June 2021 (it will end on September 2021), will take place in full compliance with the anti-covid italian protocol, which will be valid the next Summer. All filmmakers who apply to participate in Cinemadamare 2021 are invited to wait for the official invitation from our office, before organizing their trip to Italy and their presence on our Campus. In any case, if the Covid-19 pandemic, will last during the summer, CDM will take a sanitary Regulation. Every filmmaker will must sign it and follow the rules during the Campus.

Main Competition, a contest out of the Campus

You can send a film to our Main Competition (opening the registration soon) of films sent throughout the year. You can find the entry form on our website, along with the regulation to comply with, in order to submit your film for free and participate to the main competition.

What you can do only in Cinemadamare?

to maximize your personal initiative, independence and creativity as a filmmakers, living, for a period of time, in a community of 50 people;

to redefine constantly learning parameters by putting our program in an extremely International scenario as Cinemadamare, as we live in a world that changes so quickly;

to reach high quality standard. Our standard is: “more collaboration, less competition”. This is possible thanks to Cinemadamare way of living and shooting films, exalting the sense of community and the flexibility of the persons;

to encourage artistic freedom, self-confidence and individuality within a community of colleagues of the same age; in fact, each filmmaker doesn’t live and act in loneliness but he/she is part of a group which promote his/her social skills. The aim is to make happen the ideal conditions to let the talent express itself thanks to “the comparisons among similar people that share the same goals and are looking for their own future”.


If you have a dream and if you also love to make “Cinema” with people who share your same passion, from all over the world, and if you haven’t already done it, use the application form on our website: and join Cinemadamare the biggest gathering of young filmmaker in the world!

If you need more info write to:

A week in Cinemadamare

The first day of every new stop, at 10 in the morning, there is a PRODUCTION MEETING: all the filmmakers talk about the films they want to make that week and what they need in order to do it

The main activity all the day (and sometimes at night, too) is MAKING FILMS: the 100 filmmakers we host at the same time (about 200 during the entire period of 3 months and a half) every week shoot their films which will be screened the last day of that stop, during the Weekly Competition. For all the 14 weeks, the filmmakers will be busy shooting their films.

Twice a week WORKSHOPS and MASTERCLASSES are held by famous professionals of the international cinema. In the last years, we hosted Wim Wenders, Ken Loach, Giuseppe Tornatore, Amos Gitai, Paolo Sorrentino, Margarethe Von Trotta, Marco Bellocchio, Krisztof Zanussi, Mohsen Makhamalbaf and others.

Every night, at 21, OPEN-AIR CINEMA: for all the 14 weeks (three months) Cinemadamare will screen for free in the main squares professional films with the presence of some special guests. Everyone can join, from the filmmakers to the citizen of the town that hosts us.


On the last night of the week, our WEEKLY COMPETITION takes place (one every week). During this night we screen all the films (about 20) shot by our 100 filmmakers during that week. At the end of this competition we will award the best film. The day after we leave for another stop, where all the format is reiterated.


Furthermore, we offer to some of the participants of the current edition the possibility to win scholarships of the best Universities or Schools of Cinema: these are the cinema institutions which will give the opportunity to all the filmmakers to be winner of a scholarship around the world:

BELGIO Luca School of Arts, Brussel

BULGARIA National Academy for theatre and film arts of Sofia.

CALIFORNIA Santa Monica College, Los Angeles

GEORGIA Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University, Tbilisi

GRECIA Aristotle University, Tessalonica

GERMANIA IFS, International Filmschule Koln

INDONESIA Jakarta Institute of the Arts, Faculty of Film and Television

ITALIA Centro Sperimentale di Cinema, Roma

ITALIA Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Martucci, Salerno

ITALIA Iulm (Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione), Milano

ITALIA UNINT Università degli Studi Internazionali, Roma

ITALIA Università degli studi Suor Orsola Benincasa, Napoli

ITALIA SDAC, Scuola d’Arte cinematografica, Genova

ITALIA Made Program, Accademia di Belle Arti Rosario Gagliardi

ITALIA Accademia del Cinema Renoir, Roma

ITALIA Sapienza, Università di Roma

ITALIA ROMA TRE, Università degli studi, Roma

INDIA Mit institue of design

KENYA, AFRICA Africa Digital Media Institute, Nairobi

KENYA, AFRICA Gpay Africa, Nairobi

LIBANO American University of Technology, Halat

LITUANIA Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

MALTA MACTT-Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade, Tarxien

MALTA Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology

MAROCCO ISCA –Institut Spécialisé du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel, Rabat

MAROCCO ISMAC Higher Institute Trades De L’audiovisuel Et Du Cinéma, Rabat

PAKISTAN Institute for Development Studies, Lahore

PAKISTAN University of Karachi

PORTOGALLO Universidade Lusófona, Lisbona

REPUBBLICA CECA Prague Film School

RUSSIA School of New Cinema, Mosca

RUSSIA University of film and television

SLOVACCHIA Academy Of Performing Arts, Bratislava

SPAGNA Escuela y estudios de diseño en Barcelona


SUDAN, AFRICA School of Youth Cinema, Khartoum

SUDAN, AFRICA Sudan Film Factory

SWEDEN Stockholms film skola, Stoccolma

URUGUAY ECU-Escuela de Cine, Montevideo

VENEZUELA Escuela Nacional de Cine y Televisiòn, Caracas